In 1983, the Aguilar family moved to La Paz with the sole purpose of starting a service oriented business. Being a scuba diver since 1965, it was just the natural move for Fernando, beginning operations with a 22' panga (Baja 1, still in operation), and an old 40 hp outboard engine, but with the Cantamar Project in mind as the family goal.

After several years of persistent dreaming and planing, construction started in 1994 with a boat ramp, a small office building and the compressors house with the tank filling station, which in turn gave place to the actual Hotel Cantamar Beach Resort & Marina, the family's dream come true.




Sea Escape




Sea Escape was built by Camcraft in 1980 as a supply boat for the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Later, she was renovated as a sport fishing liveaboard and named THE V by Joe Thornton, until 2007, when the Aguilar family decided to expand into liveaboards. Sea Escape (The V), had been operating in Biloxi, MS, from where we took off late February 2007, arriving to La Paz after sailing South, through the Panama Canal, and then North, for 24 days in a row.


Once in La Paz, Sea Escape was stripped clean, adapted as a scuba diving liveaboard with a large dive deck and swim deck, a new 65 KW generator was installed as well as 2 high pressure compressors, and the interiors were architected in a way that all cabins except # 5, have a ensuite toilet and shower, A/C, 2 beds, and storing space.

Finished in September 2007, made its maiden trip on a liveaboard trip for 2 weeks with a crew from BBC, shooting a special segment on the Sea of Cortez and its red devils, the Humboldt Squid. By late October that same year, Sea Escape was ready for Socorro island trips and since then, she operates from November to May departing from Cabo San Lucas to San benedicto-Socorro -Roca Partida and from late July to October departing from Ensenada on 5-days and 7-days trips to Isla Guadalupe in pursue of the maximum predator, the Great White Shark.