Fins Attached: Marine Research and Conservation

Our dive and tourism operation realize that if we do not protect our oceans not only would we not enjoy the diving as much put we know it will have a detrimental affect on everyone. We have chosen to support Fins Attached: Marine Research and Conservation and the work that they do to study and protect sharks. Fins Attached is an organization comprised of scientists and volunteers concerned with the health of the world’s oceans. The scientists that represent Fins Attached range in backgrounds from divers to PhD marine biologists. As a sponsor of Fins Attached, our vessels are used as platforms to conduct research and collect data. We share in their efforts to educate the public so that we can all work together to save sharks and all marine life.

If you would like to join them on one of their expeditions, email

Shark Research Expedition Locations:

  • Guadalupe (Mexico)
  • Revillagigedo (Mexico)
  • Sea of Cortez (Mexico)

With each expedition we:

  • Maintain currently deployed receivers, by changing out batteries and downloading receiver data
  • Tag sharks with acoustical transmitters
  • We have deployed acoustical receivers throughout the locations listed above.
  • We have tagged sharks of various species including: scalloped hammerhead, silky, Galapagos and whale sharks

The data collected from our work is shared with the scientific community and published in scholarly publications. Ultimately the data is presented to local governments and Ministries of Health to evidence the decline in shark populations, the migratory patterns and where they mate and give birth. The intent is the protection in their coastal waters.