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The best place to see great white sharks.


Dive Socorro where marine life abounds, from sharks to manta rays and so much more.


Consider adding a trip to dive in the kelp forest off the Baja Coast.

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In 1983, the Aguilar family moved to La Paz with the sole purpose of starting a service oriented business. Being a scuba diver since 1965, it was just the natural move for Fernando, beginning operations with a 22' panga (Baja 1, still in operation), and an old 40 hp outboard engine, but with the Cantamar Project in mind as the family goal.

After several years of persistent dreaming and planing, construction started in 1994 with a boat ramp, a small office building and the compressors house with the tank filling station, which in turn gave place to the actual Hotel Cantamar Beach Resort & Marina, the family's dream come true.

Take a ride on the Southern Sport of the Sea Escape. Both of these 100+ foot aluminum vessel are built for adventure.

Dive off one of our ships into the greate majestic ocean. After hours of fun you return to the ship to a warm meal and cozy environment and great Mexican hospitality. Our customer service is unsurpassed. Our chief will prepare authentic Mexican cuisine for you.

With our ocean resources being under constant pressure with the increase in demand for sea food, we all need to become concious citizens and consider our actions and the resulting impact it has on the marine environment. The Sea Escape and Southern Sport operation belieives in supporting sustainable sources. We have always supported and professed marine conservation. As such, we support the non-profit organization, Fins Attached: Marine Research and Conservation. Visit their website at www.finsattached.org. You will have the opportunity to join them on a shark research expedition on our vessels.